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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kelly is a Superstar!

Well, Kelly has really been surprising us lately. She just keeps getting better and better. The coolest thing she did last week is she began to sing! She did this earlier, when she was a baby, she would sing in her crib. Then she started having the brain seizures with the West Syndrome (Infantile Spasms) and the difficulty with Cerebral Palsy. For a while there I was truly worried we would be mentally handicapped as well as physically. I am not worried about that at all now. Kelly is very verbal and now she sings. The thing is she sang three words strung together. That is an amazing feat. She had been singing one word and jumping in on songs we sing together. For instance, when we are singing "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins, Kelly would jump in and sing "UP!". I thought that was pretty amazing in itself. But last Thursday, Kelly sang three words together, "I know you." We were cuddling and singing the song from Sleeping Beauty "I know you, I've waltzed with you once upon a dream..." and Kelly looks at me and sings in a perfect tone "I know you." It was sort of spooky because her twin, Sabrina, has been going around the house for over a month now singing the very same words. And Kelly's voice at this point sounded exactly like Sabrina's coming out of her mouth. Weird twin thing...anyway, she has taken off further from there and sings it all the time and says to me "Hand,hand". That means she wants me to take her hand and dance with her. She cannot dance on her own yet but we put her in her Pony Gaittrainer and then I hold her hand and she sings "I know you!" and we dance.
Words cannot express the emotions I am feeling at the moment. My little girl is getting the chance to act and be like a typical developing child. She wants to be a princess and her body and the equipment we have, is allowing her to reach a higher capacity than we ever though possible. Our prayers and wishes are coming true!!

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